selamat datang ke ruangan luahan hati gua ((:

hye (: x bnyk untuk diucapkan , hanya serangakap pantun :

pergi ke pekan naik beca ,
harap terhibur semasa membaca .


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the hardest thing to do is to look someone that we love,is loving someone else

babe,trust me,it hurts.really hurts.
i've been through this okay.
but fortunantely,i have my froendsssss to support me.
and i know.i dun need him at all act.i just need my frinds.
yes,without noticing,tears came.
yeah,i cried n cried n cried n crieddddddd just because of him.
stupid ! me?? crying because of a boy??
it wont happend again.
i promise that.

papepun,thanx for all the memoriessss
and and and dear friends,thanx a lot ! aku sayang korang sampai lah mati taw!!!!

1 comment:

  1. haha.lek lu kak mira !
    saye pun mengalami perkare same !
    nanges sbb lelaki !