selamat datang ke ruangan luahan hati gua ((:

hye (: x bnyk untuk diucapkan , hanya serangakap pantun :

pergi ke pekan naik beca ,
harap terhibur semasa membaca .


Thursday, February 25, 2010

teman yang kukasih

engkaulah , temanku ...
tempat ku mengadu ,
tika tawa pilu ,
tetap bersamaku ,

teman yang kukasih ,
akan ku abadi ,
hingga akhir nanti ,
kan tetap abadi ,

ku pinta oh tuhan ,
agar berpanjangan ,
sebuah persahabatan ,
penuh keikhlasan .

* to all my friends , iloveyou guys soo much (:
please know that ..

penat sangat hidup

life sucks !!
itu realiti kan people ??
jgn hipokrit .. ckp je YES !
sbb bnde tu mmg btul ..

hidup x seindah ape yg kte sgke .. tp x sepahit yg kte rse ...
mmg betul ..kdg2 hidup nie ..
bestttt sgt ! hapyyy je sentiase ..
tp kdg2 hidup nie ..!! fuh ! cam ape je ..

but , sbgai manusia .. kte kne face the facts dgn kuat .. kan ??
walau ape pun jd ..
remember .. life must go on ..
x kesah lah pahit mne .. just be strong dear (:

tp ak syukur sgt coz i have a greatgreat friends ..
thanx babe ;D

huh ! what more can i tell u guts ??
i hate my life ! put a fullstop on it.

but for you guys .. live with full of joy , happiness .. not sadness ..
ok ??

things u have to know bout girls .. HEHE

1. once we send you a message, we expect you to reply or else we'll be angry at you.

2. we are very sensitive species. so, handle with care.

3. mind your words. think before speak.

4. sometimes, it's hard for you to understand whats inside our mind. but it's plenty simple actually.

5. our mood can change easily.

6. tell us we're beautiful.

7. we like it when boys call us names like 'baby', 'sweetheart', 'honey'.

8. we love it when our bf says that he already has a girfriend to the ladies.

9. a kiss on the cheek is a definite yes.

10.we feel comfortable & not afraid when you hug us.

11.hugs mean more sometimes.

12.we like it when you said something nice to us.

13.if you love us, proof it.

14.if you care about us, then tell us.

15.if you care about us, show us.

16.look us in the eye & smile.

17.hang out with us on weekends.

18.if you're listening to music, let us listen it too. or sing it to us, it'll be more beautiful.

19.give us what we want.

20.we like it when you call us just to wish good night.

21.we mind about our ex-bf having another gf. it's not because we still has feeling for him, we just care.

22.we love when you cuddle with us.

23.hug us from behind.

24.we want you to put your arms around us at the movies.

25.let us fall asleep in your arms.

26.when we say we are cold, that's an invitation to come closer.

27.don't hug our friends or your friends that are girls, because we'll feel left out.

28.we don't care if you are the strongest person in the world. as long as you love us.

29.make us laugh.

30.pick us up. we love it.

31.don't go hang out wif your ex or someone else when we're not with you, you might not realize how badly it hurts.

32.we don't always look our best, so get over it.

33.we shouldn't have to plan everything. it will be more meaningful if we do it by heart.

34.we're always ready to talk, so call us.

35.treat us the same around your friends as you do when we're alone.

36.introduce us to your friends as your girlfriend.

37.write us notes or call us just to say 'hi'.

38.we can tell when you're not listening. so listen up.

39.we need your advice sometimes so don't be afraid to give it to us.

40.we're not perfect. so deal with it.

41.we get upset if another guy touches us & we don't like it.

42.we're not always girly girls.

43.we love surprises.

44.the little things you do mean the most.

45.we can like boys stuff too. football ;D

46.cursing n fighting don't impress us.

47.don't be mean to us to get our attention.

48.don't tell us who is hot because we don't care.

49.if you're talking to another girl, when you're done talking, walk over & hug and kiss us. let us know we're yours & they aren't.

50. protect us against everything.

51. love us like we love you. we are serious if we love a guy. so don't break our heart because hell has no fury when a woman gone mad. ;D

sweet kan ?? HUHU