selamat datang ke ruangan luahan hati gua ((:

hye (: x bnyk untuk diucapkan , hanya serangakap pantun :

pergi ke pekan naik beca ,
harap terhibur semasa membaca .


Saturday, April 17, 2010

wall e


tonite , together with my family , i watch my fav movie ; wall e
at disney channel .
i cant hold it . i cant take it anymore . i miss the person .
no one can imagine how badly i miss the person .
slowly , walk out from the living room and went into my bedroom with my latop on my hand .

too many memories in that movie that keep reminding me of the person .
the more i try to throw him away from my mind , the more i keep missing his smile . what more can i do on this time .
just to be more strong than ever to face the decision i've made the other day .
BUT , i know , i cant do it .

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