selamat datang ke ruangan luahan hati gua ((:

hye (: x bnyk untuk diucapkan , hanya serangakap pantun :

pergi ke pekan naik beca ,
harap terhibur semasa membaca .


Friday, April 16, 2010

get up girl !

thanks to all my friends.
i love you all lah guys .

wednesday , 14.4.2010 ;
tyme bm , dkat library .
i realise sumthg yg aku x seda dr dulu .
thanks to danie zainisya (:

i keep reminding my self whenever i feel bad.
' mira , things happen for reasons .
dun blame ur self .'

kdg2 , we should learn to love what we have rite now , and appreciate it . accept for who and what they are .

yes ! i agree . people dun realise that , act they love
the person until the person is not belong to them anymore .

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