selamat datang ke ruangan luahan hati gua ((:

hye (: x bnyk untuk diucapkan , hanya serangakap pantun :

pergi ke pekan naik beca ,
harap terhibur semasa membaca .


Sunday, March 14, 2010

kejadian yang lepas

just woke up from my bed . terus teringat that boy . huh ! really miss him .
still baring2 lg , n bce sume msg dgn ' dia ' yg lepas . dga lagu . huh ! sentimental la plak .
suddenly teringat bnde yg da lpas . mmg x dpt dilupakan. sush untuk dilupakan . it is hard for me to throw that away dear . but , things happens with reason , rite danie ??

everyone kat dunia nie macam tak boleh dipercayai, kan? depends.
and sometimes, it makes me feel scared to give my love to someone.
after build a trust, then they will leave us.
dont underestimate people mira, you have someone and you should appreciate him. he is a good boy. love and trust are vital in a relationship. he wont hurt you. just have a little faith.
I keep reminding myself whenever the negative thinking come across my mind.
i dun know why , i love you so much !
waiting for him to txt me.
but its oke , maybe he is sleeping.
think positive mira !
*duhh !


  1. mushi mushio. heh, sedih lg?
    sabar k

  2. rite, miraa..
    ily dear.
    everyone does.blieve me :)